Archaeologists unearth 2,300-year-old sword from ancient tomb and footage shows it still glistening

Tuesday, 03 January 2017 08:12
Jason Aiello
Jason Aiello

Zon Staff

Archaeologists have unearthed a sword believed to be more than 2,300 years old.

The amazing discovery was found in an ancient tomb in the city of Xinuang in China.

The sword is though to have belonged to the Warring States, which was a period of 250 years between 475BC and 221BC, which saw fierce and frequent was between the eight states of the Zhou Dynasty.

The artifact was found inside its scabbard, which had kept it in near perfect condition.

As the sword was gently removed by the experts, who were wearing gloves in order not to damage it, the sword slid easily from its cover.

Remarkably the silver weapon still shone and seemed in good condition.

It is not known what will happen to the artifact now, although it is likely to be put on display at a national museum, after further tests are carried out.


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