Visiting to India - WHY NOT?

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The precious treasures of India are the people and its diversity. When traveling throughout this country, you can see the…

10 wonderful places can’t be ignored in Dubai

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Text "We can all agree that Stonehenge is without a doubt, one of the most mysterious and beautiful ancient sites…

SHOCK!!! Chinese Fisherman Discovers A Mysterious Creature From The Deep!

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Sichuan fisherman hauls up a mysterious monster from the deep, which is expected to be a rare Ganoderma.

Using Ancient DNA, Researchers Unravel the Mystery of Machu Picchu

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A collaborative project examines the 400-year-old skeletons of those who worked at the iconic Inca citadel.


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Ancient Egypt with its amazing pyramids of wondrous construction which still baffles architects and engineers to this day has left…

10 Foods shouldn’t be ignored in Turkey

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The transformed colors of ice

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9 Unique Naturally-Shaped Islands Around The Globe - Part 1

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Don’t Look At Tonight’s Full Lunar Eclipse

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UNBELIEVABLE!!! Shock With The POOP-Themed Coffee Shop in South Korea!

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If you find yourself in South Korea and want a coffee shop in which you are obliged to meditate on…

Discover 2 supermassive black holes colliding

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Scientists predict that within 100,000 years two supermassive black holes will collide, creating a super large explosion in the universe.

SHOCK With a Mud Volcano But Looking Like An EYE!!!

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These incredible eye-catching snapshots show a overwhelming mud volcano. The special thing is that it looks like a giant human…

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These Are The World's Most Unique Elevators!

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Elevators have a simple task: take passengers from one floor to another safely. But it doesn't mean that they have…

The lost world in Japan

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When Aratake Kihachiro – a diving coach plunged off the coast of Yonaguni Island, Japan in 1986, he witnessed a…

These Are The Sexiest Destinations in The World!

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Firefly Park in Shanghai

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When the night falls, the light from thousands of fireflies creates a brilliant sparkling spectacle.