The spectacular nature’s beauty in countryside of Italy

Ashley Daisy   Discovery   21 September 2015

Photographer Mauro Maione brought viewers to Toscana, a rural country of Italy to enjoy the wild beauty of the picturesque…

Do You Think This Is The The Remotest Place on Our Planet?

Christina Valley   Discovery   20 September 2015

Only by a six-day boat journey from South Africa or as part of epic month-long cruises through the South Atlantic…

5 KISSING Destinations That Are Full of Romance

Christina Valley   Discovery   19 September 2015

Having a romantic kiss as movies is the dream of many people. Check out the list of our top picks…

The highest outdoor elevator in Europe

Ashley Daisy   Discovery   19 September 2015

Located at 1,132 meters compared with sea level, outdoor elevator, Hammetschwand, is not for those afraid of heights.

The fastest wooden coaster in the world to open Dollywood

Ashley Daisy   Discovery   19 September 2015

The Tennessee theme park announced it is set to debut in March 2016 what it says is "the world’s fastest…

Swimming Through the Air - It's NOT a Dream!

Christina Valley   Discovery   17 September 2015

The plan of a 25m glass pool that suspended in the air above a London street between two blocks of…

Mars was inhabited say scientists: here is why (images)

Kate Ryna Daring   Discovery   17 September 2015

In the last two years incredible discoveries were made by NASA’s very own ‘alien robots’ on the surface of Mars.

New, High-Res Images Reveal Intricate Landscapes, Unexpected Features on Pluto

Kate Ryna Daring   Discovery   17 September 2015

New images of Pluto, sent back to Earth from NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft, are unveiling more surprises about the dwarf…

Uso delle Armi a Microonde contro la popolazione

Kate Ryna Daring   Discovery   17 September 2015

Scienziati trovano legami tra i telefono cellulari, Wi-Fi e il cancro. Inciampi o dimentichi spesso le cose? I cellulari ed…

Surprising New Finds from Ancient Egyptian Star Charts [Slide Show]

Kate Ryna Daring   Discovery   17 September 2015

Planetarium software, among other things, shows how ancient Egyptians planned to navigate the sky after death

Famous Sights CANNOT Be Ignored When You Visit To SYDNEY

Christina Valley   Discovery   16 September 2015

Do you immerse yourself in the wide sky, the beautiful nature and Sydney Harbour? Do you not have enough time…

Shocking Discovery! Brand New Portal, Gateway To Another Dimension Unearthed! Wait Until You See What Is Waiting Behind It! (Video)

Kate Ryna Daring   Discovery   15 September 2015

Mt. Graham is where the Jesuits admit they are monitoring something approaching the earth. After the authors published Exo-Vaticana, the…

6 Astonishing Irregularities That Are Evidence of a Hollow Moon Space Station

Kate Ryna Daring   Discovery   15 September 2015

The majestic natural satellite has been the source of curiosity of countless people. It brightens up our dark nights and…

Researchers in China discover a 300 million year old screw embedded into rock

Kate Ryna Daring   Discovery   15 September 2015

According to reports from Chinese News agencies, a mysterious object discovered in 2002 could be evidence of prehistorical civilizations

Controversial 300-Million-Year-Old Screw Of Unknown Origin Baffles Scientists – Was It Left By Ancient Aliens Visiting Earth?

Kate Ryna Daring   Discovery   15 September 2015

On our planet there are remarkable out-of-place artifacts that according to orthodox science shouldn’t exist, but they do. This 300-million-year-old…

REMEMBER This If You Want To Visit To Japan!

Christina Valley   Discovery   15 September 2015

Beautiful and mysterious, it 's exactly Japan. But before you set foot within its borders, you should know about this…

Archaeologist Blocked From Making Breakthrough Find At Machu Picchu

Kate Ryna Daring   Discovery   14 September 2015

A French archaeologist and explorer says he and a team of researchers are on the verge of uncovering a lost…

Cientistas descobrem oceano dentro da Terra, a 644 km de profundidade

Kate Ryna Daring   Discovery   14 September 2015

Cientistas descobriram um oceano a 400 milhas (644 km) debaixo dos nossos pés que poderia encher três vezes os nossos…

NASA has just discovered something huge hiding out behind Pluto

Kate Ryna Daring   Discovery   14 September 2015

NASA and the crew behind its New Horizons spacecraft declared few days ago that Pluto — the dwarf planet —…

That's So FUNNY! These Are Some Unique Passport Stamps of The World!

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The standard entry and exit stamps from most countries are fairly mundane. However, beyond the typical destinations are some unusual,…