Colonizing Mars With 3D Printed Sfero Habitats Made from Local Materials

Kate Ryna Daring   Discovery   14 September 2015

Back in May, NASA announced their 3D Printed Habitat Challenge hoping to find some new ideas for potentially creating workable…

13 Signs You Are Ready To Go Home To The New Earth

Kate Ryna Daring   Discovery   14 September 2015

According to late Dolores Cannon’s hypnotherapy research, a New Earth is being formed where many of us will go in…

Recce to Discover North Korea’s Best Beaches!

Christina Valley   Discovery   13 September 2015

The beaches of Sijung and Hamhung on North Korea’s east coast join the ranks of the world’s surfing destinations.

Chronicles from the Future: A True Story Kept Hidden by the Masons now Revealed

Mïmi Benzaid   Discovery   12 September 2015

Chronicles from the Future tells a remarkable story about a bizarre and incredible event experienced by Paul Amadeus Dienach, the…

Unknown Ancient History Of Antarctica & It’s Lost Civilization – Secrets Beneath The Ice

Ibtissem Menad   Discovery   12 September 2015

Does an ancient lost city exist on the shores of Lake Vostok? It is possible that a remnant of a…

Sumerian God Enki, the Commander Of Eridu and savior of mankind

Ibtissem Menad   Discovery   12 September 2015

Enki was a god in Sumerian mythology, later known as Ea in Akkadian and Babylonian mythology. He was originally patron…

Did ancient mankind know the secrets of Levitation?

Ibtissem Menad   Discovery   12 September 2015

Is it possible that our ancient ancestors knew the secrets of levitation? A technology that has since been lost in…

Confirmed! Extinction Level Event-A Giant Comet Headed This Way-To Hit September 2015!! Two Government Confirmations! (Videos)

Helen Cassan Dra   Discovery   12 September 2015

A new video just came out confirming what I posted in April! I don’t know if it will happen or…