The Way Eye Color Is Related To Your Health

Ashley Daisy   Health   02 December 2015

It seems to be a great new that your eyes can say much more about your internal health and also…

Black Hole Has Major Flare

Meila Nichae   Space   01 December 2015

Supermassive black holes don't give off any light themselves, but they are often encircled by disks of hot, glowing material.…

Mourinho drop Diego Costa, Chelsea draw Tottenham

Angela Thu   Sport   30 November 2015

Diego Costa was dropped as Chelsea and Tottenham played out a goalless draw which will do little to kick-start the…

Discovering 4 Misconceptions of Africa

Christina Valley   Discovery   29 November 2015

Perhaps many people feared Africa because of reading blistering headlines about war, disease and misfortune in there. However, maybe they…

Novak Djokovic beat Roger Federer, won the U.S Open final

Angela Thu   Sport   14 September 2015

Novak Djokovic won the U.S. Open final, defeating Roger Federer and taking home his third major title of 2015.

That's So FUNNY! These Are Some Unique Passport Stamps of The World!

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The standard entry and exit stamps from most countries are fairly mundane. However, beyond the typical destinations are some unusual,…

5 Diseases You Easily Get In Autumn

Angela Thu   Health   13 September 2015

Autumn is interference between summer and winter so the temperatures of daytime and night may be erratic, have large fluctuations.…

The Reason Why Caves Get Bigger and Bigger over The Time!

Christina Valley   Science & Tech   13 September 2015

We knew from previous research that microbes do play a role in cave development.

Recce to Discover North Korea’s Best Beaches!

Christina Valley   Discovery   13 September 2015

The beaches of Sijung and Hamhung on North Korea’s east coast join the ranks of the world’s surfing destinations.

Things we shouldn’t reheat

Angela Thu   Health   12 September 2015

According to the National Health Service of UK, reheating food can cause food-poisoning depending on the way it’s stored. Here…