This Girl Has A Simple Tip To Make Women Orgasm Every Time, Apparently

Tuesday, 27 December 2016 11:38
Helen Cassan Dra
Helen Cassan Dra

Zon Staff

Listen up people, this could be the sex-tip of the century after a woman accidentally discovered an extremely valuable piece of advice for both women and men everywhere.

orgasm1 This Girl Has A Simple Tip To Make Women Orgasm Every Time, Apparently

One Redditor, ‘adeepermystery’, had never had an orgasm during intercourse, but after what you could call an extremely happy accident she took to Reddit to pass on her newly discovered tip to women everywhere.

Her little trick is so simple that anyone can have a go (although we’re not condoning the recreational use of muscle relaxants) and it’s as easy as just lying back and relaxing.

orgasm3 This Girl Has A Simple Tip To Make Women Orgasm Every Time, Apparently

Let’s hand over to ‘adeepermystery’ to share her little secret:

So, I’ve always tensed my muscles when I’m trying to come. I hold my breath, as well, which is a hassle of a habit, but a hard one to break. Last night, I had just taken a Flexeril [a muscle relaxant] for a muscle spasm in my neck when I decided to take a little self-love time. I couldn’t tense my muscles as tight, and coming while they were relaxed felt incredible! I thought the whole point was to clench everything, then feel the release, but this was like wave after wave of beautiful feelings. I probably came five times, each more amazing than the last.

orgasm7 1 This Girl Has A Simple Tip To Make Women Orgasm Every Time, Apparently

Whether or not that’ll help everyone finish remains to be seen, however it’s probably worth a try…





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