3-Year-Old Inhales Tiny Popcorn Kernel. 6 Months Later, Doctors Say They Must Pull Life Support

Tuesday, 10 January 2017 09:58
Minhera Elen
Minhera Elen

Zon Staff

There’s nothing more tragic than the death of a child. A life so brief and so innocent doesn’t deserve to be snuffed out before they’ve had a chance to experience the world.

Tragically, however, some children pass on to the next world before their time, like the sweet older sibling of this rainbow baby.

When children pass away, it’s always a small comfort to know that their time here on Earth will make the difference in the life of another little one.

That is certainly the case for Mirranda Grace Lawson, a tiny toddler who passed away in early November 2016, six months after choking on a popcorn kernel.

Her death was a tragic accident, but now her parents are hoping to share their story with other families, and help raise awareness about the surprising choking hazards that surround us every day.

For little Mirranda, a single popcorn kernel took away her whole future, and her parents don’t want any other families to experience that heartbreak.

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Mirranda Grace Lawson passed away in November, but her fight started 6 months earlier, in May of 2016.

Alison Lawson, Mirranda’s mother, was celebrating her birthday with a day at home with all of her kids, and her husband Patrick.

The whole family spent a joyful day together, until the very end.


According to the GoFundMe page put together by the Lawsons’ niece, Bobbie Jo Cordie, the birthday festivities were drawing to a close when something went terribly wrong.

“At the end of Alison’s birthday, Mirranda ran in to the living room.

Eyes huge, no sound. Time stopped.

Those were the last moments they shared before Mirranda fell to the ground; they swept her mouth, nothing; Pat started CPR.

The ambulance got there, Mirranda’s heart stopped.”

Flickr / Veggie Frog

There was nothing in Mirranda’s mouth, but, presumably lodged deep in her windpipe, a piece of popcorn was cutting off her air.

On the way to the hospital, emergency medical services managed to get Mirranda’s heart pumping once more.

At that point, the family had no way of knowing how great the damage was.


Mirranda was transferred to the hospital and put on ventilators; her family hoped that she might pull through.

Tragically, not long after the accident, the medical staff performed the Brain Death test, and discovered that Mirranda’s body was still alive, but that the sweet little girl was gone.

The hospital planned to take Mirranda off of life support, but the Lawsons fought to give her more time.


They took their fight through the Virginia court system, pleading for their daughter to have any chance, however small, to recover from the tragedy.

The battle raged on in court, and the Lawsons ended up footing a $30,000 bill to bring their petition to the State Supreme Court.

Meanwhile, six months passed, and Mirranda remained on life support.

She was tended by careful nurses, one of whom even took the time to make this sweet note (with Mirranda’s) footprint for her dad.

Flickr / Global Panorama

Though Pat and Alison Lawson fought hard to keep their little girl in this world, the court never had to make a decision.

Mirranda’s health deteriorated, and she passed away on her own in November, leaving behind a world that wasn’t ready to lose her.

Now, it’s up to us to honor Mirranda’s memory and her brief, beautiful life, and raise awareness about choking hazards.

Cordie notes, “This all was caused by a piece of popcorn. (Please share the danger of popcorn, someone may not know)”

If you’d like to contribute to the Lawsons’ medical and legal expenses, you can check out the GoFundMe page.

Learn more about childhood choking hazards at the American Academy of Pediatrics page.

Please be sure to SHARE Mirranda’s story with everyone who knows how precious children are.

Source: https://goo.gl/MRoMGT



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