The pill that cured my husband´s ED and brought back our sex life (back from the dead)

Thursday, 09 February 2017 08:33
Helen Cassan Dra
Helen Cassan Dra

Zon Staff

Hi People! You might remember my post where I was complaining about my husband´s failures during sexual intercourse. He could not sustain a good, firm, and durable hard on...and of course, his confidence truly went down. He could not even get an erection when I practiced oral sex with him or when we played to masturbate each other. The maximum duration of our sexual intercourse was 3 minutes top, without reaching a decent size and stiffness that he usually reached some years ago, when we started going out. Sad, isn`t it?

I was really worried about this, and it made me wonder, “How could those porn actors develop so much power?” Honestly, we tried everything you can imagine. The famous blue pill, yoga, massages, couples therapy... but nothing seemed to work. Sex did not take more than some minutes. I was desperate for finding a way to satisfy us!

We were looking for some solutions for about 6 months and we started to assume that maybe that wasn´t really a problem. That was a normal situation, maybe it was in his genes, which we could not change, and we had to get used to that type of sex or finish our relationships. My husband was losing all his hopes.

And help came when I least expected it...

Zapping at home by chance, I saw an interview of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner (yes!! that old man that has his house full of bunnies...) I heard him saying that anyone could reach 2 hours performance in bed. This was something that got me into it and really mattered to me, so I paid attention. According to Hugh, he achieved this by using a special natural extraction of a relatively unknown plant called "Solanum sessiliflorum", raising testosterone levels and sexual desire, resulting in more powerful and durable erections, in addition producing more sperm — all in just one pill that can be bought without medical prescription and without posing any risk or side effect because of its 100% natural sources. “This pill increases production of sexual hormones and gets your penis as hard as a 17 years old teenager’s and gives you a performance of a porn actor”, was stated by the millionaire.

Hugh recommended the Supplement RX24 with TRTT technology as he personally used it. Originally, by increasing testosterone level, this supplement was used for a fast muscle generation. It was a big surprise for all when they discovered that it can exponentially enhance libido. As a result, a lot of men stopped to take Viagra and started to use this natural supplement.. I searched on Google, made a research on the enterprise of that produce; just to be sure that it was not a fraud and I found that it had been available worldwide already for 15 days! When I was entirely sure, I placed the order.

What was the result?

The pills arrived home within 9 days, and I was really eager to start using the pills and test their effectiveness. The same day the pills arrived, before we fell asleep I gave a pill to my husband telling him that it was a vitamin. In less than an hour my husband woke up with an erection that only I saw a few times in the past, and believe it or not, that same night he made love to me for 1 hour and 47 minutes! I never felt such pleasure, lots of sweat and screaming like never before, it was the perfect night, the best I ever had without any doubt. I had hope and of course, I was expecting an improvement, but the results were way beyond my expectations, I never saw him that way!!

As stated by the product maker, this formula increases libido, which produces more pleasure and feeling to have sex, so in the next few weeks I will be sharing with you my experiences with this supplement! For me it´s unbelievable - these pills priced same as two movie tickets... without going to the doctor and exposing you. Its worth every penny invested in this wonder. Life is short and I´m not the kind of woman that is satisfied with little things...




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