Jason Aiello   History   24 February 2017

A great discovery has been published By German archaeologist Dr. Heinrich Kusch in his new book "Secrets of The Underground…

Una biblia de 1,500 años que asegura Jesús no fue crucificado. TIEMBLA EL VATICANO

Jason Aiello   History   22 February 2017

Una Biblia con más de 1.500 años fue descubierta en Turquía y es motivo de preocupación para el Vaticano. Eso…

China's hidden Buddha emerges: Long-lost stone statue appears from a lake after water level lowers by 30 feet

Jason Aiello   History   17 January 2017

Chinese archaeologists are trying to solve the mystery of a long-lost Buddha statue which appeared from a lake after the…

Pile of Skeletons Found Inside 2,400-Year-Old Tomb in Iraq

Jason Aiello   History   10 January 2017

A 2,400-year-old tomb filled with the skeletons of at least six people has been discovered in northern Iraq. Among the…

16th Century Boxwood Carvings Are So Miniature Researchers Used X-Ray To Solve Their Mystery

Jason Aiello   History   06 January 2017

They found joints in the inner layers so tiny that only a microscope or an X-ray can detect them

2,300yo sword discovered in China, looks as deadly as ever (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Jason Aiello   History   04 January 2017

Despite being 2,300 years old, an ancient sword discovered in China looks like it could still do some serious damage.…

The 6 Greatest Empires to Exist in the Years Before Count

Jason Aiello   History   03 January 2017

Today many people are familiar with some of the great empires in history, those than spanned continents and ruled over…

This is the OLDEST description of the Great Flood – And it PREDATES the Bible

Jason Aiello   History   26 December 2016

Although people doubt that the Great Flood ever happened, the story of this catastrophic event goes back for millennia. The…

New Revelations From Roswell: The Ufo Ancient Egypt Connection

Jason Aiello   History   13 December 2016

We’re all familiar with Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, which include simple “pictorial glyphs” as well as strange flying machines and humanoid…

Sutton Hoo: One of the most magnificent archaeological finds in England

Jason Aiello   History   06 December 2016

It was in the 7th century when Redwald, son of Tytila, grandson of Wuffa of East Anglia and a member…


Jason Aiello   History   05 December 2016

AncientPages.com – Armenia is one of the oldest countries in the world. Scientific researches, archaeological findings, old cuneiform inscriptions, ancient…

20 fotografías históricas que definieron México y cuya historia no conocías

Gaga   History   25 January 2016

Qué gran regalo ver los detalles de belleza aún en la entropía.

Unravelling The Bloodline Of The Gods

Meila Nichae   History   04 November 2015

Most of the human population have such proteins on their cells. They are the Rh positive percentage of the Earth’s…

Archeologists Find Ancient Human Engravings From The End Of The Ice Age

Meila Nichae   History   04 November 2015

The Magdalenians were an ancient western European culture, roaming across the continent between 17,000 and 12,000 years ago. These hunter-gatherers…