2,300yo sword discovered in China, looks as deadly as ever (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Wednesday, 04 January 2017 11:26
Jason Aiello
Jason Aiello

Zon Staff

Despite being 2,300 years old, an ancient sword discovered in China looks like it could still do some serious damage. Archaeologists unsheathed the weapon to reveal a surprisingly shiny and sharp-looking blade.

Discovered in an ancient tomb in Xinyang city, Henan Province the sword has been displayed for the first time, with some trusted individuals handling the fully-intact blade.

Authorities have released only bare details on the sword’s origins but it’s understood to date from the Warring States period (475 BC - 221 BC), reported CCTV.

At the time the eight states of the Zhou Dynasty were entangled in a bitter and brutal war which saw frequent battles. That would have ensured the sword got plenty of use.

All the states were then conquered by the Qin dynasty, who went on to rule China for a brief period, during which they managed to find time to create the Terracotta Army.
While it is yet to be confirmed, it’s expected to go on display in a museum once further studies of the sword have taken place.

Such finds certainly aren’t new for Henan Province. In April 2016, archaeologists unearthed a number of 3,000-year-old coffins after discovering 22 tombs dating from the Shang Dynasty (1600 BC-1046 BC). Historians believe the site was a “family burial place,” belonging to “affluent people, possibly aristocrats."


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