Friday, 24 February 2017 13:28
Jason Aiello
Jason Aiello

Zon Staff

A great discovery has been published By German archaeologist Dr. Heinrich Kusch in his new book "Secrets of The Underground Door To Ancient World "

Across the Europe, there are thousands of underground tunnels from the north in Scotland leading all the way to the south Turkey. some experts believe that the underground tunnel network was used to allow people to travel safely regardless of wars or violence, but others think the network can be seen as a gateway to the underworld. German archaeologist, Dr. Heinrich Kusch said in his book: "the fact so many have survived after 12000 years, shows that the original tunnel network have been enormous, in Bavaria in Germany alone we have found 700m pf these underground tunnel networks, In Styria Austria we have found 350 m, Across Europe there were thousands of them - from the north in Scotland down to Turkey." Similar underground tunnels found on other continents like America, Asia, and Africa. why were these ancient tunnels constructed? Many Ancient Legends and Stories tell of a great disaster, perhaps our ancestors had to seek protection underground. 


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