SCARY SIGHTINGS: alien beings taken by cameras

Ibtissem Menad   Shocks   15 October 2015

Hello guys, today for you lovers of UFOs and paranormal events there is a particularly interesting video that will surely…

Wi-Fi: A Silent Killer That Kills Us Slowly

  Health   15 October 2015

Wi-Fi: a wireless network in which you can connect to many devices without the use of cables. Nowadays Wi-Fi is…

NASA preparing us ALL for ET contact?

  News   15 October 2015

NASA are uniting with Scientists and Theologian’s to prepare mankind for Alien contact.

Who are win ?

  Funny   14 October 2015

Descubren el secreto oculto del Interior de este Épico Gigante del siglo XVI

Jenna Kimberly   Discovery   12 October 2015

El gigante Appennino: Esta épica y colosal escultura, mitad hombre, mitad montaña, se construyó a finales del año 1500 por…

5 interesting facts behind the new reaction feature on Facebook.

Ashley Daisy   Science & Tech   11 October 2015

Next time, users on Facebook will have more ways to interact with the post instead of just clicking like or…

~ dat ekko

  Funny   11 October 2015

What ‘They’ Don’t Want You To Know About The Pyramids!

  News   10 October 2015

Graham Hancock,Robert Bauval, and Nassim Haramein all present extensive evidence against the history we have been taught brainwashed with, and…

SHOCKING!! A camera caught an alien abduction of a family

Ibtissem Menad   Shocks   09 October 2015

Hi guys, today I present a video that talks about alien abductions and therefore a situation in which the contact…

Intelligent Life On Ceres? New Evidence Seems to Suggest So

Helen Cassan Dra   Shocks   07 October 2015

Ever since the NASA spacecraft Dawn entered the orbit of Ceres, scientists have been fascinated about the feedback received. On…


  Funny   07 October 2015

Underground City Of Giants Discovered In The Grand Canyon (Video)

Ibtissem Menad   Discovery   06 October 2015

If only the world’s buried cities would rise up someday…but they won’t. They are almost impossible to find but stories…


Helen Cassan Dra   News   05 October 2015

HOUSTON – NASA confirmed today that aliens are invading earth – and they are attacking us because of global warming!

Corey Goode: “Gigantes en animación suspendida están listos para despertar”

Helen Cassan Dra   Shocks   05 October 2015

Hace más de un siglo, una sociedad secreta descubrió una cueva oculta en las profundidades de la Tierra. Dentro de…

Desenterraron Las Ancestrales Cabezas De La Isla De Pascua, Y Debajo Hallaron Algo Sorprendente!

Helen Cassan Dra   News   12 September 2015

Estas antiguas estatuas han aparecido en multitud de videos, fotografías, reportajes, documentales y más. Son las famosas estatuas de la…