Tips To Give A Luxury Makeover To Your Bedroom

Wednesday, 20 January 2016 03:36
Ashley Daisy
Ashley Daisy

Zon Staff

Some of people wants to have a luxury makeover of their bedroom like luxury hotel room. It’s not so difficult to make your bedroom look luxury. There are several tips on giving your bedroom a luxury makeover.

These tips mentioned below is eye-catching but not difficult to afford. Let’s take a look and try to get a bedroom as expected:

Concentrate On Your Bed: Decide the shape and place it in a way, so that it gets enough natural light. Also, your bed should be placed away from the door, in order to make it more private.

Check Out Pillows And Mattress: After a tiring day, you want total comfort. Adorn your bed with comfortable mattresses and luxurious pillows, duvets, protectors and toppers. Maybe you need only two pillows on your bed. But, keep four decorative pillows to get that hotel feel.

Whitewash Your Room: You must have seen the hotel rooms like that. It gives a refreshed look whenever you enter into your room. If you want more colour, have colourful pillow covers around to brighten up the room.

Add Entertainment: Luxury hotel rooms always have a flat screen T.V. in front of the bed. Install one in your room too. You can add more entertainment values by installing an iPod docking station or a stereo system.

Arrange Seating Area: Your bedroom is the place where you can have some ‘you' time. A seating arrangement, like in the luxury hotels, can complete your bedroom look. If you don't have enough space for a sofa set, a bean bag can do good too.

Decorate Your Room: Giving your bedroom a rich makeover is possible if you decorate your room luxuriously. You can add extra plants and beautiful flowers to accentuate your room and give it a luxury hotel-room feel. Beautiful dried flowers, dry pine fruits, etc., can look wonderful at the corner of your room.

Lighting Arrangements: This is the most important thing to keep in mind while giving your bedroom a rich makeover. Install LED lights to make your room look bright. If your room is not that much big, install mirrors in your room to make it look bigger.