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Minhera Elen
Minhera Elen

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The Necronomicon is the name of an ancient book that contains truth and predictions about the world today. It is also believed to contain spells and rituals of incredible power. The author is supposedly a man named Arab Abdul called on Damascus. Many believe that the real author would be Abu Ali Al-Hasan or maybe Alhazen Ben Joseph. Even though a lot of names are being proposed to identify the author, most believe it is Arab Abdul also known as Rhazes.


He is originated from northern Afghanistan. He lived around the year 827 AD, and he was a member of the Islamic group. He was a writer in Theology and philosophy. He was also an adventurer and went on an expedition in the desert of ad-Dahna. He went missing about ten years in a city that had been lost by the name of Iram where he said would have studied secrets.

He then wrote a book about occultism by the name of Al Azif. No copies remain of that book because it was banned and destroyed due to its content. However, copies of Al Azif have been found and translated into latin and greek. Eventually, the pope himself found a copy of the book and banned it for its content. His gave the order to burn all the copies that could ever be found. It has been known that a copy of the book survived and arrived in Russia in 1453.

Rasputin is said to own a copy of the book that is known today as the Necronomicon. The first copy of an English translate made its appearance around the year 1600 and was translated by a man named John Dee which happened to be a mystic.


The book made its way throughout the ages and copies of the supposedly Necronomicon was found being translated by a man names Simon. The Simon Necronomicon has now been born.

The book contains stories about a mad Arab which we could believe that refers to Arab Abdul. Many believe that the real copies of the Necronomicon are being kept hidden away from public eyes. It is said that the book is cursed. Hard to say which story about the Necronomicon is true and we are left to wonder that to believe. 



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