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Helen Cassan Dra
Helen Cassan Dra

Zon Staff

An encounter that Paul Dienach says he had is fascinating, but there are some sceptics out there. Dienach became victim to a strange disease and fell into a coma in 1921 in Geneva and remained there for one year.

When he woke up he said that his conscience had ventured out of his body and gone into that of a man who was living during the year 3906.

Dienach wrote down everything that he heard, felt and saw during this time and the memories have been turned into a book with the title of Chronicles of the Future. The book is written in the style of a diary, something which Dienach never intended to be shown to the world. Many people are skeptical about his story and encounters, with some claiming he was delusional; however, Dienach said that his experiences while in the coma changed his life.

In 1921 Dienach became a victim of lethargic encephalitis and fell into a coma, where he remained in hospital in Geneva for one year. When he eventually came out of the coma he started writing a diary of the extraordinary events he claims happened during the year he was in that coma.

He said that during that time he had been wide awake and far from his bed in the hospital as he was in the body of a man by the name of Andrew Northman, in the year 3906. What is strange and which ties in with the claims of Dienach is that during the time he was in the coma, in 3906 Northman had suffered a serious accident and was said to have had a near-death experience.

When Northman woke up he started speaking in a language that was said to be 20th century Swiss. He didn’t recognize any of his family members and he wasn’t able to go to sleep, he remained perpetually awake. Through his diary, Dienach revealed that the people living in the year 3906 knew that Andrew Northman wasn’t himself and that a different consciousness had taken over his body. They then began to tell Dienach about everything that he had missed over the past two millennia and brought him up to date. Dienach found that there was a going to be a new species of humans on Earth with the name of Homo Occidantalis Novus.


When Dienach finally came out of the coma he didn’t say anything about what he had learned while in the coma for fearing that people thought he was mad. But then things changed when he moved to Greece. At the age of 36 his health deteriorated and he made the move to Greece in 1922 where he began teaching and met a student with the name of George Papahatzis.

Dienach gave his diary to Papahatzis, who had described his teacher as being a modest man paying attention to details. In 1924 Dienach passed away after contracting tuberculosis, and Papahatzis then translated the diary, taking him over 14 years to do so. He first thought that Dienach had written a novel about the future but then he came to realize that he was actually translating a diary that Dienach had kept, albeit a very strange one. But was it an actual diary or was it nothing more than dreams of a man in a coma?



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