Remember The Psychopath Child Who Wanted To Murder Her Family? THIS Is What Became Of Her…

Tuesday, 02 May 2017 20:27
Ibtissem Menad
Ibtissem Menad

Zon Staff

The Thomas family knew something was wrong with their new adopted child when the seemingly sweet girl unexpectedly killed a nest of innocent baby birds and also attacked her brother while he was asleep. When they spoke to her, however, the 6 year old girl smiled, apologized and said she understood that what she did was bad and it would stop. But things only got worse.

Soon Beth attacked her little brother so badly that the boy had to be sent to hospital and receive stitches. The little girl repeatedly smashed his face into the concrete floor.

The family immediately contacted the adoption agent about Beth’s past but due to confidentiality laws she explained she was not at liberty to disclose this info but recommended they see a special child psychologist.

Without even flinching an eye or conceding any emotional feeling whatsoever, when asked what she planned to do to with the knives she stole out of her family’s dish washer, little 6 year old Beth Thomas plainly states “Kill John and mommy with them, and daddy.”

This was part of a documentary series entitled Child of Rage disturbing behaviors cited are her torturing the dog and other animals, harming her brother, tearing her room apart and fondling her grandfather. It was later discovered that the little girl was the victim of extreme child violence and sex abuse, which led to what is termed reactive attachment disorder.



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