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Wednesday, 05 July 2017 09:03
Helen Cassan Dra
Helen Cassan Dra

Zon Staff

What kind of energies have each zodiac sign People have certain energies more marked depending on their zodiacal sign.

Your action personified. Your sign, the first of zodiac, inspires action and trust is the paradigm of vital force and energy. When everything seems lost you get up and your personality shines because you are the one who takes control of any situation that arises. Your secret is yourself, your direct way of acting, without hesitation or fear, being next to you the other person loses fear, feels that nothing bad can happen because he is next to that Aryan or Aryan who does not fear nothing!
Those beautiful qualities that adorn you are your best weapons for the conquest, your sure seal of the winner, your passport to success that you should never neglect because in them is your leap to happiness.
The whisper in the ear. When everything seems lost or the relationship begins to cool, there is nothing better to stimulate it, lift the passion and melt the heart of the other person than those special words spoken to the ear with tenderness, intensity, softness, in a very low voice, and with a Special content. Your sign rules the communication and if you know how to use it well there will be no impassable wall for you.
This has always been his curiosity. The caveman consulted the elders, or the sorcerer, to see if he would succeed in hunting. In the tribes they did the same to know what might happen to their families, whether or not there would be a good harvest, an earthquake, Misfortune, came shamans, sorcerers, fortune tellers, orators who read the entrails of animals, or those of human sacrifices. And so we see that restlessness reflected in literature, poetry, history and practically all human activities.
Your powerful breath. Maybe you do not know it but you have a sensual weapon that always acts intensely on the person that is with you, melts hearts and creates an intense vibration of high sexual content, erotic, passionate, unique. It is your breath, the way you approach that person and gently let your breath caress his neck, his hands, his skin. That contact between the air you exhale, warm and sensual with your skin becomes a real "pump" of action-reaction. There is no one who can resist that effluvium that comes from your lips and mouth when you let your breath escape, gently blow and caress with that breath that comes from your interior. It is one of the best kept secrets of your sign and the one that really makes you fall or surrender at your feet, who is next to you.
Explosive. Ruled by the Sun, our star, the Leo sign, of the fire element, possesses an explosive and direct energy. Your generosity has no limits, magnanimous and regal as a king or a queen you can afford to have the "last word", and when you forgive an offense you feel like a real monarch, an emperor who can confer pardons or punishments. The nature of your energy is overwhelming and explosive and when you reach a place you never go unnoticed or you stay in the shadows your personality shines and you stand out!
Inquisitive. The natives of the Virgo sign are reputed to be very "picky" and always be looking for faults in others, however, that is unfair because basically what they are is trying to make things go well, and as they are perfectionists worry if they notice That something is not marching in the right way. You, as Virgo, have that innate ability to see what others do not see, imperfections, details, tiny mistakes even that are not so small since a small omission can lead to disaster.
Equitable. Librans, representing a sign of the air element, are characterized by their equity, their sense of justice and balance, the way they are projected to try to appease and seek harmony. It is a great conciliatory role that earns them good friends, but the problem arises when, because of this desire to stay well with the parties, not to hurt anyone gratuitously and at the same time to give a fair trial, they tend to falter.
Intuitive. Scorpio, a sign of the water element that conforms to Cancer and Pisces that highly intuitive group that "knows" without having to speak or ask. Ruled by planettoid Pluto and corrected by the planet Mars, energy dynamo, it is the symbol of sexual force and intensity. There is no better friend than a native of Scorpio, but watch out! Be careful to have him as an enemy for betraying him at some point, since it is hard for you to forget.
Direct. Spontaneous, friendly, with an excellent sense of humor, witty and very intelligent, cheerful and optimistic, your energy is very direct, which has its pros and cons. The danger that exists when this type of energy is not used is to confuse what is sincerity, a beautiful quality of your personality, with insensitivity, lack of social tact or simply disregard. When you are going to say something thinking "


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