SHOCKING With Some Facts About Canada!!! That's So Funny!

Sunday, 15 November 2015 05:45
Christina Valley
Christina Valley

Zon Staff

Canada is not all about maple syrup, the Double-Double at Tim Horton’s, killer bears, snow, and loads of poutine. There’s more to know about this huge country and whether it’s weird or not, you better be informed.

1. Milk in Bags!
Before someone mentions “Bagged milk? That’s not true!”, let’s be clear that most Canadians drink milk from jugs – but that’s not the case when you step in Ontario and Quebec. These regions get their milk packed in liter-sized plastic bags. People in the said regions still use bags because they preserve the milk well and individual bags are lighter to carry than three to four liter milk jugs. The use of milk bags puzzles most people outside of Ontario and Quebec and the issue about Jugs vs. Bags has been a debatable topic among Canadians. Which one do you prefer?
2. Moose Alert
It’s not uncommon to find road signs on highways warning every passing vehicle about possible moose encounters. Moose aren’t underestimated in Canada and you should watch out too if it’s your first time driving through the country’s highways. A male moose has an average weight of 400 kg while a female moose has an average weight of 350 kg, and an average height of 2.4 to 3.2 meters. Their body structure makes them dangerous when hit by motor vehicles and these collisions can be fatal for both the moose and the motorist – like what happens when you collide with a surprise brick wall. Several measures like road signs, highway fences, and advisories for the motorists should be always observed.
3. Lining up
Newcomers find it strange when they see Canadians properly lining up from schools to bus stops. Lining up is listed alongside punctuality and frequent apologies as a cherished Canadian practice. There’s actually an institution called Canadian School of Protocol and Etiquette where new residents and young international students learn how to and where to lineup and how to maintain one’s proper place in the line.
4. Sorry!
Canadians say sorry too much. Although you’ll expect to hear a lot of sorries in Canada, don’t even feel like everyone’s apologizing to you. Saying “sorry” isn’t always an apology but a “politeness strategy — a way to have smooth, norm-abiding, harmonious interactions”. Canadians are known to be polite so it isn’t a surprise to hear them overuse the word “sorry” which may have stemmed from their polite culture.
5. Weather Problems
Canadians love to talk about the weather more than anyone else in the world. A report says that beside sports, weather-related news dominate Canada’s headlines. In comparison to the averages of 160  countries in the study, Canadian media ran 229% more weather coverage than anywhere else. Canadians’ obsession about the weather is due to the fact that Canada is a large, geographically diverse country with weather patterns that can vary widely from province to province, season to season, and day to day. However of course, not all Canadians are obsessed with the weather. A survey showed that only 70 percent said they’re very likely to check the forecast on a typical day and only 63 percent said the forecast is important to them.



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