Human – Dog Hybrids Are Real. These Animals are actually being sold now to the super-rich.

Meila Nichae   Shocks   18 January 2016

In an undercover laboratory in Vancouver, scientists have been slaving away for the find of the century. It’s not a…

The bizarre object which 'fell from the sky' that UFO hunters say is 'proof of aliens'

Meila Nichae   Shocks   16 January 2016

IS this bizarre metal object which "fell from the sky" real and conclusive proof of aliens?

The 6 Alien Species Currently Fighting for Control Over Earth

Meila Nichae   Shocks   15 January 2016

Hundreds of sightings, abductions and first-hand accounts have made it possible to distinguish several distinct alien species that have been…

What Obama most regret after 8 years as President

Meila Nichae   Shocks   14 January 2016

13.1 days, President Obama gave the final State of the Union after almost 8 years of holding the highest office…

Florida Man Claims Spotting Reptilian Humanoid inside Vehicle, Takes Pictures

Meila Nichae   Shocks   13 January 2016

Fla. — A motorist in Florida believes he captured the images of a “reptilian alien” who he says was driving…

Two ‘alien’ skulls discovered in Russia, a secret Nazi institution and the search for the origin of Mankind

Meila Nichae   Unexplained   12 January 2016

In what sounds as a scene from an Indiana Jones movie, reports from Russian newspapers “Komsomolskaya Pravda” and “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”…

Sixth man to walk on the moon says aliens prevented nuclear war between US and Russia, helped ‘create peace on Earth’

Meila Nichae   Shocks   11 January 2016

Aliens regularly visited missile bases and disabled weapons, Mitchell said. This astronaut might have flown off the deep end.

NASA Claim “Dozens” Of Advanced Civilisations Existed Before Us

Meila Nichae   News   10 January 2016

A new NASA study suggests that dozens of previous advanced civilisations much like ours once existed on Earth, but they…

Leaks in Instrument Force NASA to Delay Mars Mission Until 2018

Meila Nichae   Science & Tech   07 January 2016

NASA’s next Mars mission will remain earthbound for at least two years.

The mystery of the strange briefcase and two mysterious skulls discovered in the mountains in Russia

Meila Nichae   News   05 January 2016

Discovered in the mountains of Russia a strange mysterious briefcase and two skulls. According to the journalists of the newspaper…

Teenager thrown from roof 'for being gay' - but the ISIS chief who raped boy is spared

Meila Nichae   Shocks   04 January 2016

ISIS terror thugs killed a teenage boy for being 'gay' - but the man who raped him was just demoted…