Thursday, 02 March 2017 09:04
Helen Cassan Dra
Helen Cassan Dra

Zon Staff

NASA have revealed that a curious incident in 2010 might be firm evidence that an alien species is attempting to create communication links with humanity.

In 2010, Voyager 2 became the first spacecraft powered by human beings to leave the known solar system. According to NASA expert Kevin Baines, at the time that the craft entered interstellar space, it became to send communications to the base on Earth in a language that was totally incomprehensible to the scientists who received it. NASA SPACECRAFT HIJACKED BY ALIENS? 

Baines said that the team immediately assumed that the spacecraft was malfunctioning in some way and proceeded to run a full assessment of its systems. However, they could find nothing wrong with it except that one component in the binary code system had been changed from 0 to 1. After running further investigations, they were left with no alternate explanation except that someone or something had taken temporary control of the spacecraft. The minute change in the binary code suggested that someone or something deliberately tried to alter aspects of Voyager 2’s computer system. This suggested to the team on the ground that the spacecraft had been temporarily taken over by computer hackers. However, they didn’t think it was likely that the hackers were of terrestrial origin as they would not have been able to make contact with the spacecraft at such an enormous distance. It took the experts at NASA three weeks to be able to reassert control over the spacecraft’s computer system and correct the era. Officially, NASA has conceded that they have absolutely no idea about who or what could have taken temporary control over Voyager 2 and sent the incomprehensible message to their team on the ground. However, German scientist Hartwig Hausdorff has not been so coy in revealing what he thinks was behind the incident – he is confident that the message was sent by an alien species.



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