Vietnam: Recent & Wartime Reptilian Cave Encounters

Jason Aiello   Science & Tech   28 November 2016

Today, I noticed an article titled “Reptilian Alien” Spotted Inside World’s Largest Cave in Vietnam. When the Sơn Đoòng Cave,…

Our 86 Billion Neurons: She Showed It Steven Mithen

Minhera Elen   Science & Tech   28 November 2016

Reading about the brain is as fascinating as it is demanding. During the last decade we have had a steady…

They Look Like People

Jason Aiello   Science & Tech   28 November 2016

Are there beings on this earth that live with us, that look like us, they have jobs, they have families,…

New drug limits and then repairs brain damage in stroke

Minhera Elen   Science & Tech   27 November 2016

Researchers at The University of Manchester have discovered that a potential new drug reduces the number of brain cells destroyed…

Lo que la NASA nos OCULTA de MARTE (Últimas investigaciones Mayo 2016)

Jason Aiello   Science & Tech   26 November 2016

Hasta hace menos de 1 año, Según la NASA, convertida prácticamente en la autoridad histórico-arqueológica-científica mundial, en el planeta Marte…


Jason Aiello   Science & Tech   24 November 2016

Welcome back to our series on Colonizing the Solar System! Today, we take a look at the largest of the…

Rusia no lo oculta: la TV rusa está mostrando a Nibiru / Planeta X

Jason Aiello   Science & Tech   24 November 2016

Las señales indican que el final está cerca y que la llegada del sistema Némesis-Nibiru es inminente.

(VIDEO) Alien Bases on the Moon: NASA Whistleblower reveals existence of alien lunar structures

Jason Aiello   Science & Tech   23 November 2016

Another NASA Whistleblower has presented a number of images taken by NASA’s Apollo mission Astronauts which show what seem to…

Modern alchemy: Russian scientists discover how to extract gold from coal

Jason Aiello   Science & Tech   23 November 2016

Researchers from the Russian Academy of Sciences’ Far East branch say they are building a facility to make gold out…

China Reveals That a Massive Alien Outpost and Mining Facility is Operating on the Moon

Jason Aiello   Science & Tech   22 November 2016

Ever wondered why no one has set foot on the Moon for decades? And why there’s no permanent outpost already…


Minhera Elen   Science & Tech   18 November 2016

God’s existence in a scientific way. The truth can no longer be refuted and this documentary would certainly compel the…

Three brain chemicals affect how we handle uncertainty

Minhera Elen   Science & Tech   17 November 2016

New research has revealed how three important brain signaling chemicals affect the way that we handle uncertainty. It turns out…

Science Has Found Evidence Of God; Scientists Confused. Watch And Be Amazed!

Minhera Elen   Science & Tech   16 November 2016

Scientists have been discovering about how life began on earth. Surprisingly, all the evidences they’ve discovered points out to the…

Apple will sell Ipad Pro mini in March 2016

Angela Thu   Science & Tech   02 March 2016

Apple's next-generation 9.7-inch iPad has been presumed to be dubbed "iPad Air 3," in line with the last several generations…

Iphone 5 SE leaked photos, have no 3D touch

Angela Thu   Science & Tech   01 March 2016

The first purported component leak for the so called iPhone SE has emerged via The images claim to depict…

Finally we have selfie stick for Macbook

Angela Thu   Science & Tech   29 February 2016

Tablet selfie stick not ridiculous enough for you? Check out the Macbook Selfie Stick. It lets you mount a Macbook…

HTC reveal One M10’s images

Angela Thu   Science & Tech   28 February 2016

Following a leaked image that surfaced earlier this month and claimed to show the front of the HTC One M10,…

Leaks in Instrument Force NASA to Delay Mars Mission Until 2018

Meila Nichae   Science & Tech   07 January 2016

NASA’s next Mars mission will remain earthbound for at least two years.

Crazy Discoveries That Science Can’t Explain

Ashley Daisy   Science & Tech   06 January 2016

This video will show you the scientific discoveries that remain unexplained

Crashed UFO Discovered on the Surface of Mars (VIDEO)

Meila Nichae   Science & Tech   22 December 2015

Over a couple of years, Curiosity rover has gathered countless pictures from the surface of the Red Planet, many of…