Crack over 11 million Ashley Madison passwords just in 10 days

Ashley Daisy   Science & Tech   17 September 2015

Thanks to a programming blunder, Cynosure Prime, a cracking team, has easily decipheres over surprisingly 11.2 million passwords from the…

China: Two young man sell kidneys to buy Iphone 6s

Ashley Daisy   Science & Tech   16 September 2015

It seem to be true that two man love Iphones more than themselves

Microsoft is automatically downloading Window 10 to your PC without permission

Ashley Daisy   Science & Tech   14 September 2015

It’s noticeable that the files installing Window 10 have heavy-capacity (from 3,5GB up to 6GB) may cause some inconvenience to…

The Reason Why Caves Get Bigger and Bigger over The Time!

Christina Valley   Science & Tech   13 September 2015

We knew from previous research that microbes do play a role in cave development.