Meet Nostradamus' horrific prophecies for 2017

Tuesday, 03 January 2017 09:20
Helen Cassan Dra
Helen Cassan Dra

Zon Staff

Nôstre-Dame, better known as Nostradamus, was a French physician who also performed a large number of predictions written in his book known as The Prophecies.

Because many of his predictions have come to coincide from every point of view with events that shook the world and society, Nostradamus has gained great popularity.
In addition, because he is not an author of the present, but his prophecies date back to the sixteenth century almost five hundred years before our times. Unfortunately the prophecies of Nostradamus are usually negative for humanity, and we must not rule out any of them, since Could have a big impact on everyone in the world.
The ten horrible prophecies of Mostráramos. The first on our list is World War III, longer and devastating than the previous two, will last twenty-seven years. What follows is that Vesuvius will again erupt causing death and devastation. Then we have a catastrophic earthquake causing terrible damage in the United States.
Number four, speaks of unprecedented taxation. In his next prediction he talks about the world economy and its fall during the coming year. Another prediction is that medicine will greatly extend human life, and that the elderly will look much younger. Even in one of his prophecies mentions in some way that people will be able to talk to their pets, and some animals.
After talking about a powerful solar radiation will split the sky in two and the heat will burn the fields and damage the crops. It also predicts that the population will have to ask for permission to have children. And in its last prediction it says that a single language will be established for all humanity and the earth will be as in the times before Babel.

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