Confirmed: Earth and Moon have been created by higher power

Saturday, 07 January 2017 10:34
Jason Aiello
Jason Aiello

Zon Staff

Scientists have discovered a number of specific similarities in the structure of our solar system, which can not be explained scientifically. After an analysis of the solar system, astronomers believed the French National Research Center of the existence of higher powers announce the official website of the center CNRS.

After comparing our system with the arrangement of the cosmos, specialists came to the conclusion that the harmony that surrounds the Earth, looks at the background of the chaotic structure of the rest of the universe as a real anomaly, explicable only by the existence of a higher intelligence and higher powers.

This would, for example, even the smallest change in gravitational balance between the Earth and the Moon caused the abrupt change of seasons and constant fluctuations in air temperature, which would not allow the emergence of living organisms and their evolution.

„None of the stars and planets in the universe can boast such a harmonious architecture. Is this not evidence of a higher power that created the chaos in the background a perfect system? „, The researchers note.

Scientists are also surprised mathematical precision balanced weight natural satellite of the Earth, the Moon, so that the alternation of night and day on a blue planet, even in the slightest deviation, conducted over several hours. Exactly the mass of the moon and the balance of forces allows day and night on Earth lasted just 24 hours.



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