The Vatican approves a synthetic drug that allows to see Jesus Christ.

Tuesday, 10 January 2017 09:01
Jason Aiello
Jason Aiello

Zon Staff

(News-ADF). - REPORT: Defending that "it will give young people their access to Glory", the Vatican has presented this morning a synthetic drug of own manufacture that allows the swallow to see Jesus Christ.

"The Vatican has turned his back on drugs systematically, but perhaps we should see how they can help , " said the father Almunia, Spanish theologian and spokesman d the Vatican. 

"Ecstasy is bad, but if it is a mystic then it is good? We have been judging this issue with a double standard for too long," says Almunia, who said the Pope when he tried to expose his idea to the Vatican curia. 

To guarantee a high degree of purity, the pontiff himself supervises the entire process of synthesizing tablets, which are blessed one by one. 

Spread the word that this news is too incredible to be true, but the internet does not have sherif and if it is published on the web, in two hours, something is so scattered that it is difficult not to believe that it is true. 

According to the report, the result of this alleged drug is an ecstasy similar to that of Santa Teresa "but more intense and with a less pronounced lower depression." 

As explained by the aforementioned source, the Holy Father has tried the drugs himself before giving the approval to its distribution. 

"They have loved him, he says he has seen Jesus and has been chatting with him, then he has undressed and insisted on climbing to the dome of the Church of San Pedro to hit the five with the highest," explained Almunia. 

According to him, Bergoglio has spent almost two hours naked waving his arms everywhere and shouting "Diooooos, diooooos". 

The tablets, baptized as "Parousias", will be distributed by the parish priests at the doors of the churches. 

"The first is free and then, as you have already seen Jesus and will be convinced of Catholicism, will have to pay the following," have clarified from the Church. 

Although it is news that turns out not to be true (which seems to be the case), let us note the lack of respect that people have with a pope who has made the papacy the right one with his words, declarations and actions.


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