PUTIN: I Have Proof Princess Diana Was Murdered By Royal Family

Thursday, 09 February 2017 08:43
Helen Cassan Dra
Helen Cassan Dra

Zon Staff

Russian President, Vladimir Putin has issued a call-to-action to British citizens to inform them that Russia holds crucial evidence that Princess Dianna was murdered by the British Royal Family, adding that the UK needs to prosecute the Royal household as they are now accountable for her assassination.

vladimir putin says princess dianna was murdered by the british royal family

Putin, who had spoken to Elton John on the telephone, said he became aware of undeniable evidence that the Royal Family were responsible for her murder.SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEOYKW reports: Throughout a solemn Christmas luncheon at the Kremlin, Putin accused Queen Elizabeth, the late Queen Mother, Prince Philip, and Prince Charles of arranging the murder of Princess Diana via MI6 representatives in Paris.  

During a casual and reflective speech, Putin informed a select group of associates and esteemed state-approved journalists that Diana’s brutal assassination brought him unfathomably to tears at the time in 1997 and that he understood deep down that her death was because of foul-play.WATCH: Banned Princess Diana Documentary ‘Unlawful Killing’Putin, who pledges to ruin the Illuminati in 2016, stated that the late terrific Princess Diana was a thorn in the side of the corrupt British facility, and worked as a continuous danger to their presence due to the fact she understood way too much about exactly what the Illuminati had in store for mankind.Holding back the tears, Putin stood at the table with a glass of Vodka raised and proclaimed:“She was about to go on the world’s stage and tell a very shocking truth”, he told the crowd who had just finished their blini appetizer.

“And now, friends, I know this truth and I am prepared to let the world know too,” he warned, before slamming the drink back.He continued, “That person sitting in Buckingham palace isn’t some innocent wrinkly old monkey. She’s evil incarnate. The whole rotten family needs to abolished”.According to among the reporters present, the crowd erupted into spontaneous applause at the male they have actually affectionally dubbed ‘The Illuminati Killer’ in Moscow.Thanks for taking the time to read this article. If you found this information helpful, please share it with your friends and family. Your support in our endeavor of sharing free information would be much appreciated.

Source: http://www.neonnettle.com/videos/562-putin-i-have-proof-princess-diana-was-murdered-by-royal-family

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