(SHOCKING)Real Ghost in Islamabad near Rawal Dam (VIDEO)

Monday, 13 February 2017 09:00
Helen Cassan Dra
Helen Cassan Dra

Zon Staff

Shocking news about presence of Real Ghost in forests around Islamabad has shocked the people in the city. The presence of the ghosts was reported from a public picnic point called Rawal Dam. Mostly the reports of ghost sighting have observed during night near the federal capital.

(SHOCKING)Real Ghost in Islamabad near Rawal Dam (VIDEO)
A large number of tourists come to Islamabad every day from different parts of the country. People living in Rawalpindi and in surrounding areas are often spending their evenings at the Rawal dam and other public places around the dam. However, the shocking news about the Real Ghost presence has affected all those activities.
There has always news about the presence of Real Ghost in surrounding of Islamabad. However, there was not any significant kind of evidence has ever given in this manner. No one in the federal capital has ever seen any ghost in the real. This was the first time that people have actually seen something in real. There were a lot of people who have seen the ghost walking in middle of the streets.
Weather it was presence of Real Ghost or the fake but people in Islamabad are very much scared.  Some newspapers have also given the news about these strange events in the federal capital. For the sake of public safety, police have stopped people in twin cities to come out late at night.
Especially people living in rural parts of Islamabad have totally stopped going near the forest area. The presence of Real Ghost in the area has really scared everyone.
 Source: http://7tales.net/-shocking-real-ghost-in-islamabad-near-rawal-dam-video-1343.html


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