Investigator discovers Nostradamus's terrifying prophecy for 2017

Sunday, 30 April 2017 10:17
Helen Cassan Dra
Helen Cassan Dra

Zon Staff

Nostradamus is famous for the very accurate predictions he has made so far, leaving behind us a legacy of prophecies that for centuries has left the experts with their mouths open as they have always gone beyond mere coincidence.

But time passes and a new generation discovers with more understanding the phrases described throughout history by Nostradamus. And besides, it seems like this is what is happening at the moment, that a new interpreter, Chase, seems to have seen a great revelation for the year 2017 ...
The revelation corresponds to a possible alien attack, yes, so seems to have wanted to give his message to the master Nostradamus this time, according to the interpreter, says that in the prophecies of Nostradamus says that the aliens are preparing to come to Earth in 2017. In the Book of Revelations has much to contribute even, according to the interpreter, the aliens will come when World War 3 begins, then they will make an appearance. This event measures the time in the prophecies of the second coming of Christ, which to tell the truth count that it will be in 2020.
It also tells the prophecy that the extraterrestrial beings will come to change our DNA in order to make us more peaceful and have a longer and happier life. In the prophecy Putin is described as the man responsible for initiating the Third World War. Chase said that in the book of Revelation 19 there is talk of an UFO invasion, which you can check in any Bible. Whatever is going to happen, whether it is written or not, we will be attentive and try to survive any adventure that lurks.


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