Baba Vanga: “The aliens are preparing a big event”

Sunday, 02 July 2017 22:58
Helen Cassan Dra
Helen Cassan Dra

Zon Staff

Our correspondent visited the home of Vanga – in the town of Petrich, where she lived the last years of his life. Those who knew her closely, told many interesting things. And very unexpected.

“I am for them – GATES IN THIS WORLD”

- She was talking to the dead, – remembers niece of Vanga, Krassimira Stoyanova. – They say that their presence was beginning to feel a burning tip of the tongue. Then, as though some cloud envelops her brain. And a few minutes she stopped altogether to respond to the real world.

 Vanga mentally asking questions souls of the dead, and they answered it. But if the spirits did not answer, then here it came to the aid of someone else’s distant voice. Inhuman. As if wafting over the phone. The stranger told it is very loud – at Vanga as much laid the ears, and when so softly that she had to repeatedly ask again. 

“When a man stands in front of me, then gather around him all deceased loved ones – Vanga says. – I am for them – the gates to this world. ”


Regarding aliens Krassimira reported that she had preserved some semblance of a questionnaire on which the aunt replied. And she showed excerpts.

 Question: Will there be a meeting with representatives of other civilizations?

Answer: Yes. After 200 years.

- Is it true that the Earth is visited by alien ships?

- It’s true.

- Where did they come?

- From the planet, which they call Vamfim. So, anyway, I hear this unfamiliar word. This planet – the third in a row from the planet Earth. They say: “Will be a great event.” But what kind of event does not explain. ”

After reading this amazing form, a long time I broke my head: that of the third planet from the Earth mentioned Vanga? Saturn? Or any of his companions? Perhaps the star – a third of our Sun?

Night Visitors

About a year before her death – in 1995 – for Bulgaria rumors about the arrival of extraterrestrials. Reported that a psychic. The date and hour of the event announced Bulgarian newspapers. I went up the hype even began preparations for a meeting with visitors from outer space. But at the appointed time, nobody from another planet not arrive. A few weeks later, Vanga on the phone asked to come to her journalist Boyko Tsvetkov, with whom she was friends tight. Here are the records from her notebook. 

“Vanga: Do you remember the hullabaloo about aliens?

Boyko: I remember, but they have not appeared. 

Q: They came, but not then, and yesterday evening, and stood at the door – such beautiful, graceful. 

BS: You scared?

 VA: E. .. Why be afraid? It was so nice, we talked, and they disappeared.

 BS: Has anyone else seen them?

 Q: To see them, they also came to me. Perhaps turns (Petrovsky – assistant prophetess. – Ed.) Also saw them, she did not miss. ”

 Alas, Boiko not ask why the aliens were flying and that said …


 Among the prophecies Vanga – what should happen in the near future – more optimistic than gloomy.

 In early 1993, Vanga said that the USSR was reborn in the first quarter of the twenty-first century, and Bulgaria will be in its composition. And in Russia will be born many new people who are able to change the world.

 In 1994, she prophesied: “In the beginning of the XXI century humanity get rid of cancer. One day, cancer will be chained to the “iron chains”. She explained these words in such a way that the “cure for cancer should contain a lot of iron.” She also believed that and invent a cure for old age. Made his hormones from horse, dog and a turtle: “The horse is strong, the dog is tough, and the turtle lives a long time.” And before he died suddenly, Vanga said these enigmatic words: “There will come a time of miracles and a time of great discoveries in the field of intangible. Will the great archaeological discoveries that will change our ideas about the world since ancient times. It is predetermined.

 Investigation of Professor Dobriyanova

 Prof. Velichko Dobriyanov of the Sofia Institute suggestologii (suggestologiya – the science of the application of suggestion in training. – Ed.) Protocols for many years conducted interviews with Vanga made numerous recordings. And finally published the book “A quantitative study” the phenomenon of Vanga “:” A total of 18 interviews with visitors at Vanga was recorded 823 messages. Of these, 445 true, 288 alternative (ambiguous) and 90 incorrect ones. From these data, calculate the synthesis rate of telepathic communication – the CTC, ie, mind reading visitors Vanga. On average it is equal to 0,7.

 0,7 – is a very big factor, proving that Vanga could not find out any information by conventional methods.

 To assess the meaning of the magnitude of the CTC, the professor gave the results of two specific experiments. In them, instead of Vanga talked with visitors, two women – sighted (Vanga, recall, was blind) and having the “experience of the fortune-teller”, but lack the ability to Vanga. So they stood at only 0,2 CTC.

 Professor and experimented with the “liars” – people whom he had been preparing to mislead Vanga. And in all cases with “mishandled Cossack girls” she confidently and surprisingly quickly denounced them.

 Eventually Dobriyanov concluded: “Vanga may exercise telepathic communication, and without leading questions. Its true telepathic communication is not simply the product of a combination of issues. ”

Baba Vanga: “The aliens are preparing a big event”

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