Pope Message: “Christmas Is Cancelled Now That World War 3 Has Begun.This May Be Our Last Christmas”

Meila Nichae   Shocks   23 December 2015

In a solemn sermon at the Vatican, Pope Francis has announced that Christmas this year will be a “charade” due…

Student Sues Florida School District For Failing To Teach Evolution

Meila Nichae   Shocks   21 December 2015

Florida student sues public school district for refusing to teach evolution because it contradicts the Bible.

The Grotesque Goatman—Fact or Fiction?

Meila Nichae   Shocks   17 December 2015

A menacing cryptid has been spreading panic throughout America in the past. It is depicted as a hybrid beast, a…

Bob Dole slams Donald Trump, says President Obama is “a very good man”

Meila Nichae   Shocks   15 December 2015

Like so many other old-school republican politicians, Bob Dole has had just about enough of what’s become of his party.…

Should Barack Hussein Obama Be Impeached?

Meila Nichae   Shocks   15 December 2015

During the presidency of Barack Hussein Obama, congress members have stated that Obama may have engaged in numerous impeachable activities…

Did Life Begin On Mars?

Helen Cassan Dra   Shocks   10 December 2015

In 1877, the Italian astronomer Giovani Schiaparelli conducted an exhaustive and detailed observation of the surface of Mars.

Donut UFOs Were Seen Near the ISS and Over Thailand

Meila Nichae   Shocks   10 December 2015

As crazy at this might sound, a donut-shaped UFO made its appearance near the International Space Station (ISS) and was…

Real or fake? The truth about the 'Fallen Angel' in London

Meila Nichae   Shocks   09 December 2015

After NASA's announcement of Earth 2.0, a human like 'Angel' has fallen out of the skies. The extremely human like…

Breaking News!!! Commander Vrillion Of Galactic Command Has Returned: RV, NESARA Announcements, Then Mass Decloaking Of Millions Of Spaceships

Helen Cassan Dra   Shocks   09 December 2015

Apr 25, 2014 - On November 26, 1977, a television broadcast in southern Britain was interrupted by Vrillon of the…

The frightening prophecy of Mother Shipton: woman 400 years ago predicted the advent of the Internet and World War III

Helen Cassan Dra   Shocks   07 December 2015

English Seer, born in 1488, predicted historical events and announced the imminent disaster.

The Girl With 10 Lives

Ashley Daisy   Shocks   06 December 2015

Reincarnation is actually a very widely held belief in the world...but this girl claims to have remembered her previous ten…

Nuevo Código: el que quema gomas va preso

Jenna Kimberly   Shocks   06 December 2015

La Legislatura de Córdoba sancionó en la sesión 41ª el Nuevo Código de Convivencia. Entre las medidas contempla el arresto…

Vladimir Putin le manda escalofriante mensaje a Peña Nieto

Jenna Kimberly   Shocks   04 December 2015

Esta mañana el presidente de Rusia, Vladimir Putin, le envió un mensaje al presidente de México Enrique Peña Nieto, luego…

Puerta de los dioses de Hayu Marca sería una puerta estelar según archivo del FBI

Jenna Kimberly   Shocks   02 December 2015

Este misterioso y enigmático monumento de piedra es una evidencia que sugiere las increíbles habilidades de nuestros antepasados que habitaron…

Sumidouros em Todo o Mundo: Extraterrestres, Alterações no Núcleo da Terra ou HAARP?

Jenna Kimberly   Shocks   01 December 2015

Algo muito estranho está acontecendo na atmosfera da Terra.

Did scientists just pick up the first intelligent radio waves from a distant ALIEN planet?

Meila Nichae   Shocks   30 November 2015

The "fast radio bursts" included one "double signal" never heard before and have left astronomers buzzing with excitement over the…

Shocking Before-And-After Drug Use Photos

Ashley Daisy   Shocks   29 November 2015

Top 10 most disturbing transformation photos of people that were addicted to narcotics.

Noticias misteriosas, increíbles, ovnis, extraterrestres

Jenna Kimberly   Shocks   28 November 2015

El diario británico 'Daily Express' afirma haber apreciado en una grabación de bombardeos llevados a cabo en Siria por la…

Arqueólogos descubren los restos de una bruja adolescente de la Edad Media en una ciudad italiana

Helen Cassan Dra   Shocks   27 November 2015

Según los arqueólogos la muchacha de entre 15 y 17 años cuyos restos se han descubierto recientemente en la ciudad…

Arquivos secretos do FBI - Explosões e pousos de OVNIs

Jenna Kimberly   Shocks   25 November 2015

“Explosões de OVNIs e pousos de alienígenas” nos arquivos secretos do FBI