ÁNGEL CANINO: Perro salva la vida de un bebé recién nacido que fue tirado a la Basura por su mala madre

Jenna Kimberly   Shocks   01 November 2015

Un milagro de vida se ha producido en Brasil gracias a un ángel canino que salvó a un recién nacido…

Cientos de personas aseguran haber visto una “ciudad flotante” sobre un pueblo de Nigeria

Jenna Kimberly   Shocks   31 October 2015

Desde la antigüedad hay historias relacionadas con seres extraños que aparecen de la nada en nuestros cielos desde naves espaciales.…

Neurocirujanos de harward confirman que hay vida despues de la muerte asombroso

Helen Cassan Dra   Shocks   28 October 2015

¿Tenemos un alma? ¿Hay vida después de la muerte? La otra vida es algo que ha sido experimentado por un…


Helen Cassan Dra   Shocks   28 October 2015

Un almirante de primera clase Vladimir Prikhodko, quien actualmente es director de la organización secreta naval de Rusia, indica que…

Bacteria In Ancient Andean Mummies Had Genes For Antibiotic Resistance

Helen Cassan Dra   Shocks   27 October 2015

The Andes' distinctive mix of both an incredibly dry and yet bitterly cold environment, in combination with the highly ritualized…

Meet this extinct cave lion, at least 10,000 years old

Helen Cassan Dra   Shocks   27 October 2015

'Sensational' find of two cubs, the best preserved ever seen in the world, announced today.

Alien Amazing Photos!

Meila Nichae   Shocks   24 October 2015

A collection of mysterious strange creatures, aliens, and creepy unexplained beings allegedly caught on cameras.

NASA Just Released The Largest Photo Ever Taken. What It Shows Will Shake You Up.

Helen Cassan Dra   Shocks   24 October 2015

The video shows over 100 million stars and thousands of star clusters embedded in a section of the Galaxy, stretching…

Miles de personas se paralizan al ver una “ciudad flotante” en el cielo de China (VIDEO)

Jenna Kimberly   Shocks   22 October 2015

Según los reportes de varios canales de televisión en China, los habitantes de Foshan fueron impresionados por la aparición de…

China: A man eats 2.5 kg chili peppers each day

Ashley Daisy   Shocks   22 October 2015

In spite of consuming a large amount of chilli peppers each day but Li’s body still fuctions perfectly and healthy.

Top Secret UFO Tapes Captured AMAZING !!

Meila Nichae   Shocks   20 October 2015

MUST WATCH!!! That's what NASA has been hiding for several years


Ibtissem Menad   Shocks   20 October 2015

Friends ufologists, yesterday I called my "friends" have kept me this time five minutes on the phone. Strange very strange,…

CHINA - Será que Universo Paralelo se Abriu? Centenas Pessoas Avistam "Cidade Flutuante"

Helen Cassan Dra   Shocks   20 October 2015

Espectadores, alguns dizem ter filmado o evento bizarro, ficaram hipnotizados como uma cidade elevada ao céus aparecendo nas nuvens.

LOSE 13kg – the "makeover" of a FAT man: handsome and muscular as an idol

Ashley Daisy   Shocks   19 October 2015

Further evidence proves the magic of changing appearance through exercise and weight loss.

GREAT: Recycle DISUSED things into beautiful vintage steampunk JEWELRY

Ashley Daisy   Shocks   16 October 2015

With disused things such as junks and scraps, artisan Ehrenfried Elaine and her daughter created a collection of gorgeous jewelry…

Is it FINALLY proof: 'Abducted' woman draws star map of exact constellation of alien home

Ibtissem Menad   Shocks   16 October 2015

THIS is the staggering star map drawn by a woman who claimed she was abducted by aliens more than 50…

Astronomers may have found giant alien 'megastructures' orbiting star near the Milky Way

  Shocks   15 October 2015

A star identified by the Kepler Space Telescope may harbour structures which could point to an adanced technological civilisation

SCARY SIGHTINGS: alien beings taken by cameras

Ibtissem Menad   Shocks   15 October 2015

Hello guys, today for you lovers of UFOs and paranormal events there is a particularly interesting video that will surely…

GRAPHIC CONTENT: 15 Of The Most Brutal Torture Devices Used In The Middle Ages!

Helen Cassan Dra   Shocks   14 October 2015

There have been many forms of execution performed in today’s times. The most common form of execution has been the…

Massive UFO Disc Caught Over India?

Ibtissem Menad   Shocks   13 October 2015

A possible UFO mothership has been photographed in the skies above Mantripukhri in India.