Five Amazing forgotten underwater cities

Kate Ryna Daring   Shocks   17 September 2015

We have all heard of the legend of Atlantis, Mu and other great cities or continent’s that have been lost…

Indios del amazonas afirman que existe un mundo entero dentro de nuestro planeta

Kate Ryna Daring   Shocks   16 September 2015

Los indios macuxi sabían de la existencia de la Tierra Hueca hace casi cien años. ¿Pero son sus leyendas verdad…

Grey aliens are among us Gli alieni grigi sono tra di noi

Kate Ryna Daring   Shocks   15 September 2015

The belief in aliens was not very common in the past. Nowadays the belief in aliens grew up thanks to…

Ancient Giants Documented In Aztec Records

Kate Ryna Daring   Shocks   15 September 2015

Descriptions of giants are common among religious books and ancient history texts worldwide and as well in Central America. Like…

Medieval skeleton bursts out of the ground after centuries-old tree is ripped up by storm

Kate Ryna Daring   Shocks   15 September 2015

Storms blew over a 215-year old beech tree outside Collooney, Sligo, Ireland, unearthing a human skeleton

Shock with Japanese girl’s beauty before and after make-up

Ashley Daisy   Shocks   15 September 2015

After looking at the following picture, you have to recognize that thanks to make-up, nothing is impossibe!

8th Grade Test From 1912 Shows How Far American Education Has Been Dumbed Down. Take The Test!

Kate Ryna Daring   Shocks   14 September 2015

A Kentucky 8th grade exam from 1912 was donated to the Bullitt County history museum. The questions feature the fundamental…

Objeto de 31 milhões de anos encontrado na Groenlandia intriga cientistas

Kate Ryna Daring   Shocks   14 September 2015

O objeto que é chamado de “SCP -1968” foi recuperado no final de 2001 a partir de uma amostra de…

A giant comet is about to destroy earth - according to best-selling author

Kate Ryna Daring   Shocks   14 September 2015

The claims come from author Graham Hancock whose book "Fingerprints of the Gods" sold three million copies in 1995

Cientistas encontram portais no campo magnético da Terra

Kate Ryna Daring   Shocks   14 September 2015

Portais, na ficção científica (e em jogos de computador), são passagens capazes de transportar você para pontos distantes no espaço…

A verdade por trás do misterioso humanoide do Atacama

Kate Ryna Daring   Shocks   14 September 2015

Pesquisadores fizeram uma descoberta misteriosa no deserto de Atacama do Chile em 2003. Este pequeno esqueleto parecia humano, mas tinha…

Humans working along side aliens at area 51 Esseri umani a lavoro affianco agli alieni nell'Area 51

Kate Ryna Daring   Shocks   14 September 2015

Welcome back once again my dear friends and fans of ufology, let's continue our journey on this field. Today we…

Scientists Reveal Homo Naledi, Our 'Unprecedented' Newest Cousin

Mïmi Benzaid   Shocks   12 September 2015

A newly discovered early human ancestor could have used tools and may have even figured out how to bury its…

Scientist Missing For Over 20 years Found Living Inside Secret LSD Drug Lab Hidden in Basement?

Ibtissem Menad   Shocks   12 September 2015

A Couple from Cottage Grove, Minnesota discovers a man living inside a secret laboratory inside their basement. On Tuesday, officers…