Suarez and Messi collects kids from school on their free day

Sunday, 28 February 2016 03:16
Angela Thu
Angela Thu

Zon Staff

Messi, Suarez and their partners, who are friends, collected their children from school.

It's no secret that Messi and Suarez have a great personal relationship. More than just footballistically, the Argentine and the Uruguayan share a great personal connection, which has translated to their families. Yesterday they showed it again, with both accompanying their partners to school to pick up their children from the British school they go to in Gava.
Thiago and Benjamin are not fully conscious that their fathers are marking an era in the football world. Their sons only have one year between them - Thiago was born in November 2012 and Benjamin in September 2013 - and at the moment enjoy more playing their own games than the football their fathers are unfurling. They took advantage of a free day yesterday to spend it together with their families.
Messi and Suarez didn't hesitate to take the small backpacks of their children, while their partners Antonella Rocuzzo and Sofia Balbi, were in charge of Delfina - Suarez's eldest daughter - and the pushchairs. The families live a few metres apart in Castelledefels, and regularly spend time with one another, especially when Luis Enrique gives the team free days.
The third part of the trident, Neymar, is also close to moving to Castelldefels, very near to both his team-mates - the Brazilian is close to buying the house which Ronaldinho occupied in his day.



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