How amazing! Rashford doesn’t celebrate his two goals yesterday because of a chemistry exam

Wednesday, 02 March 2016 04:57
Angela Thu
Angela Thu

Zon Staff

Manchester United’s new superstar Marcus Rashford celebrated his double against Arsenal by revising for a chemistry exam

MARCUS RASHFORD refused to celebrate his double-goal debut for Manchester United last night — because he had to revise for a chemistry exam!
United's latest superstar showed he enjoys a terrific BOND with his Red Devils team-mates as he hit two and assisted another in the 3-2 Premier League win over Arsenal.
And he revealed after the game that instead of enjoying a glass of champers with his mates, he would be busy practising with his test tubes and bunsen burner.
When asked how he will be celebrating the incredible brace, the 18-year-old reportedly replied: “I won’t be celebrating tonight. I have a chemistry exam tomorrow.”
The answer came as a reminder of just how young United’s new star is.
SunSport revealed how he takes home just £500-a-week, 600 TIMES LESS than his skipper Wayne Rooney.
Boss Louis van Gaal was glowing about his newly-found talent following the nail-biting victory.
He beamed: “Youngsters often play well in the first match. The second is different. Marcus played well in both so he is a special talent."
Rashford drives himself to school to take the test the next day.



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