Unbelievable coincident historical events

Thursday, 24 December 2015 17:15
Meila Nichae
Meila Nichae

Zon Staff

There are many unbelievable coincident historical events, in which some events occurred far apart and can’t be explained so far.

Mongol empire tried to invade Japan twice, but had to return because of storms in both times. This is one of the unbelievable coincident historical events.

There was an amazing coincidence between US Presidents Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy. Two masters of White House were elected to Congress in the years with the last two digits were 46. In particular, President Lincoln acceded to the US Congress in 1846, while President Kennedy acceded in 1946. President Lincoln became the master of White House in 1860 and President Kennedy was elected in 1960. The two masters of White House were assassinated on Friday.

US President Andrew Jackson was lucky when he was assassinated by the unemployed painter Richard Lawrence. Fortunately, there was no gunfire at that time. Then, President Jackson took his stick to hit the assassin while Lawrence drew another gun. However, this gun of Lawrence was also inactive. Then, the assassin was arrested by presidential staff.

President Abraham Lincoln's son Robert Todd Lincoln was by his father’s side when he was assassinated. Then, Robert also became witness in the assassination of President James Garfield. 20 years later, in 1901, President William McKinley invited him to New York to meet. That day, President McKinley was also assassinated. Since then, Robert has decided to reject any invitation of the US Presidents because he did not want to witness the death of any masters of White House again.

Anne Hathaway was name of a famous Hollywood actress in the world today. Few people would have predicted that Anne Hathaway was also the name of William Shakespeare's wife.

In 1936, the world was surprised to discover Haiti and Lichtenstein using the same flags. Since then, both sides have adjusted to avoid confusion.

John Parr was the first British soldier killed in World War I. Meanwhile, George Ellison the last soldier dead on the battlefield of World War I. The surprising coincidence was that two graves of the two soldiers were buried at the same cemetery and faced together.

The man who assassinated singer, member of the legendary band The Beatles - John Lennon was killer Mark David Chapman. Surprising coincidence was that the actor played John Lennon in a film about the legendary musician had the same name with the killer Mark Chapman.

source: zumfeed