Thursday, 06 July 2017 10:42
Helen Cassan Dra
Helen Cassan Dra

Zon Staff

Archaeologists in China have made a strange discovery while excavating a site in Jiaojia village.

A 5,000-year-old graveyard is full of giants. Based on the bone structure of the men, scientists believe they were unusually strong and tall compared to others living in that period. The men found at the grave site measured anywhere from 5ft 11in to 6ft 3in. While this may not seem very tall to the average person today, 5,000 years ago these men would have been considered giants back then. The tallest of the men were also found in larger tombs, leading scientists to believe they held a high status in the community.

ccording to China, Daily archeologists began excavating the ruins of 104 houses, 205 graves and 20 sacrificial pits at Jiaojia village in 2016 and have uncovered many relics from the Longshan Culture, a late Neolithic civilization. Colorful pottery and jade were among some of the artifacts found.

After finding the bones and teeth of pigs among some of the tombs, scientists believe the civilization raised pigs and was very rich in agriculture, which may be an attribute to the impressive height of the men found at the grave site.

It is believed that people living in the Shandong were taller than the average person in China. In 2015 the average 18-year-old male in Shandong was estimated to be 5.75 feet tall, and the national average was 5.64 feet tall. Still, a big difference in the whopping 6.25 feet of the tallest man found at the gravesite.

The scientists also discover that the civilization lived in very well built a home that had separate bedrooms and even a kitchen. They also discovered that the head and leg bones of some of the men found in the gravesite showed obvious signs of trauma, which they believe may be due to struggles for power amongst some of the higher ranking members of the society.

The excavation of the site fills in a large gap of history and proves that ancient states existed in the in the basin of lower Yellow River 5,000 years ago.

The excavation site has now been enlarging from 240,000 square meters to 1 sq km, in the hope of getting a better understanding of this ancient civilization.

Source: http://www.disclose.tv/news/5000yearold_giants_graveyard_unearthed_in_china/139574