it is dog ! haha

Jason Aiello   Discovery   16 February 2017

Revealed: What is The Truth About The “800-Year-Old Mobile Phone ”?

Helen Cassan Dra   Discovery   18 January 2017

Sometimes we come across strange ancient artifacts, however, this is something I was not expecting. Sure sometimes they can resemble…


Jason Aiello   Discovery   29 December 2016

This majestic capture of the sun fading into the thick clouds shows us that even though the light is strong,…


Jason Aiello   Discovery   10 December 2016

What ?

Jason Aiello   Discovery   09 December 2016

A Giant 'GHOST CITY' in The Desert

Christina Valley   Discovery   29 January 2016

Welcome to the Center for Innovation, Testing and Evaluation (CITE), a planned ghost town for New Mexico, America. It’s a…

Unbelievable Places That Are Hard To Believe Really Exist

Ashley Daisy   Discovery   18 January 2016

Our world is so full of wonders that new and amazing places are discovered every day, be that by professional…

The Scariest Plane Crashes Ever Caught On Camera

Ashley Daisy   Discovery   10 January 2016

Let's look back the scariest plane crashes that were caught on camera on this video

Moneys Work As Waiters in Kayabuki Restaurant

Christina Valley   Discovery   09 January 2016

We were bored today and thought that seeing a couple of monkeys in goofy costumes would be a swell idea.…

Amazing Science Experiments You Can Do With Eggs

Ashley Daisy   Discovery   01 January 2016

These experiments will surprise you for sure! Let's see the video and try.

SHOCK: Singing Plants at The Sacred Forest

Christina Valley   Discovery   31 December 2015

Experience what is was like to be in the Sacred Forests in Damanhur and listen to the singing plants. It…