Thursday, 29 December 2016 13:27
Jason Aiello
Jason Aiello

Zon Staff

Nostradamus is maybe the most known French physician and astrologer. This genius made predictions in the sixteenth century that proves to be accurate today. He is also a writer. His first book: “Les Propheties” came out in 1555 and contains 353 quatrains that involve some events that have occurred and will occur in the future.

Some skeptical are saying that those are just mere coincidences, but some are saying those predictions happen and are correlating them to major events occurring all around the world. MAJOR EVENTS NOSTRADAMUS HAS PREDICTED SO FAR He, in his language, described what to be soon feared by many: Hitler. He foresaw that a young child born from poor parents in Austria would lead his people to greats tragedies that revealed to be what is known today as World War 2. Nostradamus also predicted in a rather vague than precise form the events that happened on September 9, 2011. Nostradamus made a lot of other predictions, but the latter two were his most troubling and accurate. THE FRENCH PROPHET HAS SOME CHILLING PREDICTIONS FOR 2017.

China: Could rebalance the economic situation by making bold moves with huge effects. Could become the #1 superpower instead of the US. Beijing could be in the center of it all. Italy: Could be in danger of a financial crisis with degrading employment and rising loans. USA: Could be incredibly unstable with the first year of Mr. Trump as president. An incredible earthquake could happen around California (that has not been ruled out neither confirmed by experts but the probability of an earthquake in the region known as “San Andres Fault” is due). Latin America: Civil Wars could happen with the government redefining the countries of the region and changing politics. Global: Reduction in natural resources because of global warming will result in armed conflicts all around the world. The pope will die in 2017. The #1 energy will be solar power. We will see new kinds of travel: space travel and orbital flight around the globe. World War III may happen, and we would see the representation of the “Anti Christ” has the leader of that War.